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Grade 12 Data Management (MDM4U1-01)

Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U1-01)


Frivolous & Fun Stuff

Probabilities in Monopoly®


TED talks:

Spanish with English subtitles, Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón: Math is forever.

Roger Antonsen: Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world

Salman Khan (the Khan Acadamy guy):  Let's use video to reinvent education


Youtube videos:

Malcolm Gladwell on the importance of stubbornness (27:37)

Rethinking Education – Sal Khan (1:30:08)


CBC Radio, How big data is changing the video you watch (10:25)

Malcolm Gladwell podcast, Revisionist History



Download Mr. Shim’s recommended Graphing Software (free!)

Grade 9 Academic EQAO Formula Sheet

Geometer Sketchpad 5.06 (download)

License name:  ONTARIO DSBYORK

Authorization code:  KQJ9P1RF7C9CVGP1M7REVX58



Math Tools & Resources

Desmos Graphing Tool (online version)

Math Tools (click here)

Probability Tools (click here)

Vector Visualizer (try this online vector tool for visualizing)


UWaterloo CEMC Courseware – on line instructional videos with exercise & enrichment questions (an excellent resource for 12U Advanced Functions and 12U Calculus & Vectors)

Grade 12 Data Management


Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors

·       UWaterloo CEMC Courseware