Grade 11 Enriched

Extra Practice Sheets

Congratulations for making the wise and mature decision to voluntarily practice extra math.


Each PDF document contains multiple versions of practice questions at the same level of difficulty.In the top right corner, an ID number is printed; this ID number is the version number.There are usually 5 versions for each worksheet.Each worksheet is followed by the answers.Please donít print and waste paper if you donít need to.


Shim Tips

*Donít overdo it!ďA little bit, often.Ē is better than ďA lot, the day before.Ē

*Practice good form.There is no such thing as scrap paper.

*Donít erase; do it again. If you have problems, someone (Mr. Shim) can help you by looking at your mistakes.

*These are practice sheets; they do not necessarily prepare you for problem solving or other rich questions.




         Review Algebra without calculators



         Evaluating Functions

         Graphing Functions

         Inverse Functions

         Exponential Functions



         Solving Triangles

         Evaluating Trig Exactly

         Degrees & Radians

         Graphing Trig Functions

         Trig Functions II

         Review Trigonometry


Sequences & Series

         Binomial Theorem

         Sequences & Series


Enrichment Topics

         Review Logarithms

         Sigma Notation

         Complex Numbers & Polar Coordinates

         Converting Polar & Cartesian Functions

         Graphing Polar Equations

         Mathematical Induction


Grade 12 Advanced Functions Topics (MHF4U)

         Division of Polynomials

         Double & Half Angle Identities