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Grade 11 Enriched Math (MCR3U6)

Grade 12 AP Statistics (MDM4UE) 2nd semester


Frivolous & Fun Stuff

Probabilities in Monopoly®


TED talks:

Spanish with English subtitles, Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón: Math is forever.

Roger Antonsen: Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world

Salman Khan (the Khan Acadamy guy):  Let's use video to reinvent education


Youtube videos:

Malcolm Gladwell on the importance of stubbornness (27:37)

Rethinking Education – Sal Khan (1:30:08)


CBC Radio, How big data is changing the video you watch (10:25)

Malcolm Gladwell podcast, Revisionist History



[Flatland (the book) can be downloaded from Wikipedia]

Download Mr. Shim’s recommended Graphing Software (free!)

Grade 9 Academic EQAO Formula Sheet

Geometer Sketchpad 5.06 (download)

License name:  ONTARIO DSBYORK

Authorization code:  KQJ9P1RF7C9CVGP1M7REVX58



Math Tools & Resources

Desmos Graphing Tool (online version)

Math Tools (click here)

Probability Tools (click here)

Vector Visualizer (try this online vector tool for visualizing)


UWaterloo CEMC Courseware – on line instructional videos with exercise & enrichment questions (a work in progress, but an excellent resource for 12U Advanced Functions and 12U Calculus & Vectors)


Grade 11 Enriched Math


Topics & Learning Goals


28 Ont Uni Fair

Test 1


Oct 1st Staff Mtg

Introduction to Functions

Watch the videos and try the examples using the CEMC courseware:


1.1.         Relations & Functions (4 lessons; 18:24)

Definitions:  a function; notation; domain and range; composite functions.

1.2.         Interval Notation and Definitions (6 lessons; 22:13)

Instead of writing  we can use the notation

We will not be using this notation in our course.

1.3.         Solving Linear Inequalities (5 lessons; 22:24)

We will skip this. It is neither fun nor interesting. We also did it for homework already.


For this unit, you are expected to have graphing software in class.

Optional, Textbook equivalent:

P170—177 for notes; P178—181 for practice


Practice Set – Min & Max Values


1.4.         Graphing Five Base Functions (5 lessons; 24:24)

Quadratic; square root; reciprocal; exponential; absolute value

Handout, Summarizing Basic Functions (check answers)

1.5.         Translations  (4 lessons; 17:20)


Intro to graphing software.  After today students are expected to have software installed at home and on their phones and tablets.  If they need to graph, they should have software.  Also, everyone should have graph paper. Lots & lots of graph paper.


1.6.         Reflections (4 lessons; 19:30)

1.7.         Stretches  (4 lessons; 21:12)


Transformations of Functions

-      Discuss  vs.

-      In general,  vs.   (Check out the graph done in Desmos using sliders.)


View some examples done in Desmos:

·         Parabola

·         Square root

·         Absolute value

·         Reciprocal

·         Semi-circle


Practice Set – Quadratic Functions


1.8.         Combining Transformations (5 lessons; 15:45)

Textbook P240 #4, 7—12, 16—19


Practice graphing examples of  using Callum Moseley’s software


Review Transformations of Functions


1.9.         Inverses (4 lessons; 22:26)

Textbook P215 #1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21

Practice Set – Quadratic Functions II





5.1.         Exponential Functions (4 lessons; 20:34)

We did 5.2 already: Solving Exponential Equations (3 lessons; 11:22)


Properties of Exponential Functions (Notice the footer denoting sections 3.4 and 3.5 from the other Grade 11 textbook.)

§3.4 #2—5, 10, 12, 16

§3.5 #1—3, 6—10, 18, 20, 23

Quiz – transformations of functions



5.3.         Modelling Exponential Behaviour  (3 lessons; 17:07)



5.4.         Logarithmic Functions (5 lessons; 20:44)



5.5.         Properties & Laws of Logarithms (6 lessons; 28:23)


15 Photo retake day

5.6.         Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations (4 lessons; 19:05)


Test 1 Corrections due

·         Submit at the beginning of class, attached to your test


16 Interim Reports

Review Functions & Relations

Review for Test 2


Review Transformations of Functions

  • Combinations of Transformations (1)  (check your answers here)
  • Combinations of Transformations (2)  (check your answers here)
  • Combinations of Transformations (3)  (check your answers here)

·         Combinations of Transformations (4)  (answers printed on the page)


Review Inverses of Functions

CEMC website, 1.9. Inverses, Exercises #1—7



P246 – 253 Ch.3 Chapter Review



Logarithmic Functions

There are 5 versions of the handout, Review Logarithms.  Each version is the same with different numbers.  Practice one version of the handout and do each question, but just the alternating letters like a, c, e, etc.


Intro for Unit 3 – Trigonometry

Solving Triangles

Proving Sine Law

Proving Cosine Law

Triangle Inequality

3D Trigonometry


Optional Quiz – Logarithms (no calculators)

Proving Sine Law and Cosine Law

  • You can use the blank handout above, or use your own paper
  • You can check here for HINTS
  • You can check here for a full proof.


Handout, 3D Trig Problems #4, 6, 7, 13

Triangle Inequality (Check here for solutions.)

1.9 P81 Achievement Check  (Check here for solutions.)

4.1 P275 #19

4.3 P291 #8—11

4.3 P294 Achievement Check


Test 2 – Functions



PA Day





Grade 12 AP Statistics

·         Hey, our textbook Stats: Modeling the World, is available online!

·         Download the TI-83 Plus guidebook PDF from Texas Instruments

·         Graphing/Charting and General Data Visualization App

·         Normal Distribution calculator, by David Lane