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Quiz #5

Factoring (Apr 11 – 13)


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Tuesday, April 17

Unit Test #4

All of Unit 4

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Thursday, April 26



Unit 4:  Polynomials II


Topic/Learning goals

Video Resources

In-Class Practise

Mon Apr 9

Common Factoring

To understand what factoring is, and use the GCF to common factor.

Factoring by grouping

To extend our knowledge of common factoring to the process of factoring by grouping.


C.P. p. 51 – 52, 53

Text: p. 263 #5, 8, 9, 18

         p. 272 #11, 13



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Tue Apr 10




Wed Apr 11




Thu Apr 12


Fryer Math Contest

Factoring simple trinomials

We will factor a trinomial in the form of x2+bx+c.


C.P. p. 54 –55

Fri Apr 13

Factoring complex trinomials

We will factor a trinomial in the form of ax2+bx+c.



Click here for a lesson on how to factor!

C.P. p. 56 – 57



(Bonus – Difference of squares – C.P. p. 58 – 60)

Mon Apr 16

Factoring Review

To learn to distinguish with method of factoring to apply to a question.


C.P. p. 61       

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Tue Apr 17

Writing Equations

We will develop our skills with defining variables and translating words into a mathematical equation.

Word Problems

We will apply our skills with solving equations and defining variables to word problems involving numbers and age.

Translating expressions


Solving a word problem with one variable


Word problems algorithm

(Read and make notes then click on the video at the bottom)

C.P. p. 62

       Click here for answers!

     p. 65 #1, 2, 4




Wed Apr 18

Word Problems

We will apply our skills with solving equations and defining variables to mixture word problems and those involving money.

Money Problem


Money/Mixture Problems

(Look at the top of the page for more examples and tips)

C.P. p. 65 #3, 5

Text:  p. 326 #4 – 8, 10, 11, 13, 14


For extra practice with word problems click here.

Thu Apr 19

Standard Form of a Line

We will determine a method for writing the equation of a line in standard form.

See Key Ideas on p. 318 of your text


What is standard form


Changing from y = mx + b to standard form

Text:  p. 319 #1, 3, 6, 10, 12

          p. 304 #6

Fri Apr 20

Point-Slope Form of a Line

To use our rearranging skills to learn the point-slope form for the equation of a line.

Equation in point-slope form


Converting from point-slope form to other forms

C.P.  p. 67


For extra practice on equations of lines click here.

For the solutions click here.

Mon Apr 23


Review Day #1


C.P: p.66 #6a- e

       p. 68

Tue Apr 24

Problem Solving/Review Day #2

To discuss the test topics and ractice our skills.

Get Geometer’s Sketchpad for the next unit

Challenge – CP: p.66 #6f, g

Text:  p.338 #13, p.340 #9



Wed Apr 25

Review  Day #3

Get Geometer’s Sketchpad for the next unit

For extra review do text book questions:  p.278 #1, 3 – 5,

p.337 #1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13


Click here for more review questions!!

Click here for answers!  (Remember you will need to move the constant for your answers to match)


Click here for more mixture problems with solutions!!

Thu Apr 26


Get Geometer’s Sketchpad for the next unit