MPM1D2/G - Grade 9 Gifted Math


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Formative Quiz

Divisibility/Primes/Rational Numbers

(Feb 5– Feb 12)

Wednesday, February 13

Quiz #1

Divisibility/Primes/Rational Numbers

(Feb 5 – Feb 12)

Thursday, February 14

Unit Test #1

All of Unit 1 (No Calculators)

Friday, February 22



Unit 1:  Number Systems (No Calculators)


Topic/Learning goals

Daily Work/Assignments

Mon Feb 4

Day 1

Text p. 13 and 14

Tue Feb 5 ◊

Day 2

C.P. p. 11 – 12

Wed Feb 6


To determine what the expectations are for the course and to begin to get to know each other.

Click here to see the course info sheet


Natural numbers

To define and determine types of natural numbers. 

Complete chart on p.3 of course pack

Click here for solutions


Complete a prime factorization of the numbers 984 to 991 (inclusive).



Thu Feb 7


We will collaborate to develop rules of divisibility.


Click here for the divisibility rules

C.P. p. 5 – 7 of course pack

The Divisibility Rules Practise

      Click here for answers

What do kids do before they learn to read baseball cards?

Some friendly advice

Fri Feb 8 

Prime numbers and Integers

To discover the history of primes and investigate ways to find prime numbers.  To recall the rules for integer operations.


Click here for prime number locator!!

Click here for a prime number checker and generator

Click here for a video explaining how they check if a number if prime.

C.P. p. 8 – 10:



(If not completed from Day 2 – p. 11 and 12)

Integer Addition

Integer Multiplication/Division


Extra Handout (includes answers)

Mon Feb 11



Rational Numbers

To discuss number sets and recall operations with rational numbers

Text: p. 186 #3 – 5, 10, 12, 14

If you want to have some fun try #15!!

Tue Feb 12



Substitution and Operations with rational numbers

To continue operations with rational numbers including substitution

Practise good mathematical form (showing steps!!)

Text:  p. 193 #2 – 6, 8

C.P. p. 13:




Extra Handout (circled questions only)

    Click here for answers

Wed Feb 13


Formative Quiz




To define each type of value and learn to convert from one form to another.

Text: p. 15 #1 – 7

        p. 16 #1 – 3

C.P.  p. 14 – 16

Rounding Decimals


Thu Feb 14



More Percent

To review finding the percent of a number

Text: p. 16 #4, 5, 7, 8

C.P. p. 17 – 19:

Career Information

How’s Business?

Practise with Percent

      Click here for answers



Extra Handout (includes answers)

Word Problems for Percent (includes answers)

Fri Feb 15



Review Day 1

To practise our skills with number systems

C.P. p. 20 – 24: 

Number Systems Review

Review #2

Mon Feb 18



Tue Feb 19


Problem Solving Day #1

To determine strategies for solving problem solving questions

Review for Unit Test #1 – e.g. make review sheets/re-do homework questions/read notes

Wed Feb 20


Review Day 2

To practise our skills with number systems

C.P. p. 20 – 24: 

Number Systems Review

Review #2

Thu Feb 21

Review Day 3

C.P. p. 20 – 24: 

Number Systems Review

Review #2


Click here for another page of mixed review (including a few problem solving questions!)

Click here for answers!

Fri Feb 22