MHF4U – Advanced Functions


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Ration Expressions, Rational Equations, reciprocal of linear, reciprocal of quadratics

Oct 19

Unit Test #2

All of Unit 2

Fri Oct 26



Unit 2:  Rational Functions


Topic/Learning goals

Daily Work/Assignments

Thu Oct 4

Review of Rational Expressions

We will review how to simplify rational expressions that require multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.  To recall how to state restrictions of rational expressions.


·        Simplifying, Multiplying and Dividing R.E.  (Click here for copy with answers)

·        Untitled Handout… J

(Click here for a copy with answers)


Extra Practice:

Adding and Subtracting R.E.

(Click here for a copy)


Fri Oct 5

Solving Rational Equations

To use our knowledge of rational expressions and polynomial equations to solve rational equations.

Handout:  Solving Rational Equations – Word Problems

Click here for a copy!


p. 183 #1, 2, 6, 9, 18


Click here for extra practice

Thu Oct 11

Reciprocals of Linear Functions

We will learn how to graph functions that are reciprocals of linear functions.  To familiarize ourselves with notation used to describe the behavior of a function.

p. 153 #2 – 5, 7 – 10, 13, 15

Fri Oct 12

Reciprocals of Quadratic Functions – Day 1

We will investigate the behaviour of reciprocals of quadratic functions.


Click here for a copy of the lesson!

p. 164 #2, 4, 5ace (omit table), 7, 8adgh

p. 166 #3, 9 – 14, 16, 17

Reciprocals of Quadratic Functions – Day 2

To practice our skills and summarize the behaviour of functions that are reciprocals of quadratic functions.  Discuss the slope table.


Click here for a copy of the lesson!

Mon Oct 15

Linear over Linear Functions

We will discover the properties of linear over linear functions, including asymptotes.


Click here for a copy of the lesson!

p. 174 #1 – 12, 14

Tue Oct 16

More Rational Functions

To develop an algorithm for graphing rational functions.

Determine the circumstances when a function has a point discontinuity instead of a vertical asymptote at a particular x-value.


Click here for a copy of the lesson!

p. 174 #16

p. 190 #4

and graph y = [(x – 5)(x – 2)] / (x2 +2)

Wed Oct 17

Oblique Asymptotes

We will discover which functions will have an oblique asymptote and learn how to determine the behaviour of the function near the asymptote.

Click here for a copy of the lesson

p. 176 #17 – 19  (answer for 18 should be C)

p. 190 #8 – 10

Thu Oct 18

Review of Graphing

We will develop our skills with graphing rational functions.


Handout:  Review of Graphing Rational Functions

Fri Oct 19

Solving Rational Inequalities

To extend our skills with solving inequalities to discover the method for solving rational inequalities.


p. 185 #4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16



Tue Oct  23

Applications of Rational

Functions/Rates of Change

We will apply our knowledge of solving rational equations, solving rational inequalities, and graphing rational functions, to solve real-world problems.

p. 189 #2, 3, 4,ace, 5, 7, 9, 10, 15



Click here for extra rate of change problems!

Wed Oct 24

Review – Day 1

Handout: Rational Functions (Review)

p. 192 #1 – 16


Click here for more Rational Equations Word Problems!!


Thu Oct 25

Review – Day 2

p. 192 #1 – 16


Click here for more Rational Equations Word Problems!!

Fri Oct  26