Club Cancelation: Club's meetings will resume after the exams, starting from Februray 6th.

RHHS Math Club

RHHS Math Club is a student-run club at Richmond Hill High School aimed at gettting students interested in mathematics. Each week, members will
learn about different concepts in mathematics and solve challenging questions regarding that topic. In addition to lessons, multiple fun activities
are done throughout the year relating math concepts to real-life situations and games.


Thursdays After School, 3:40 - 4:30


Room 2024

Question of the Week

No questions this week, just prepare for the second semester :)

Blog Posts

COMC and CSMC Results


COMC and CSMC results are out. If you are interested in knowing your score, please refer to the math office and ask for them.

COMC and CSMS are math competitions held annually by the University of Toronto and Waterloo respectively. Students focused on international math olympiads (IMO) should do the COMC and students who are interested in the University of Waterloo's programs should consider doing the CSMC. For information regarding next year's contests, please refer to the math office.

There is still a chance to sign up for a few other math contests that are done later in the year. Information is available on and the posters in the math pod. Also, keep an eye on your school cash online as they tend to sell out quickly. In case of any questions, feel free to email us or ask anyone at the math office.

Math club website is Up and Running


Hello everyone. As you can see, our website is now fully functioning. We will do our best to keep the website up-to-date. The content posted on the website
include, but are not limited to: Lessons taught each week, useful math-related resources, important dates throughout the year especially regarding math, and
blog posts such as this one.

It is also very useful to check the website weekly, in case of any important updates. Important notifications will be displayed at the top of the screen when you enter
the website. Less important updates will be available in the Posts section.

If you have any feedback regarding the website, feel free to share it with any of us and we'll try to incorporate it as soon as possible. In case you want to contact
any of us, our contact information is available down below.

See you guys next Thursday, and have fun.


Lesson Taught By Date Taught Link
Exponents and Logarithm Angus Wu N/A View
Complex Numbers Theodore Liu N/A View
Geometry Proofs Sarah You N/A View
Combinatorics Joon Kim N/A View
Set Theory Aryan Abed Nov. 28th View
Number Bases Angus Wu Dec. 5th View
Polar Curves Sarah You Jan. 9th View


Club Executives

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Aryan Abed

I really don't like math, but hey, here we are.

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Joon Kim

I don't have any quotes, smh.

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Theodore Liu

The man, the myth, the legend ...

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Angus Wu

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Sarah You

My quote was too long.



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